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We all know those real estate posts… 

“Who do you know looking to buy or sell?”

“The market is hot. Call me if you’re looking to buy or sell!”

“Just Sold!”

“Open house at my beautiful new listing this Sunday”

“New listing alert”

They’re more like billboards planted along the highway of “please hire me”!

If you are one of the agents posting this kind content, I’m not here to shame you – I’m here to HELP! 

Because guess what?! I know why you’re doing it. We’ve ALL been there. We all started from 0, having no idea what to post or how to actually use social media effectively, but wanted to use it to make sure people KNOW that we sell real estate (enter the content above)!

And “posting something is better than posting nothing!” Right?


It’s time to say “sayonara” to those generic real estate posts (Spoiler Alert: They aren’t helping you build a digital reputation or personal, memorable brand for your business – did that get your attention? Good).

Instead, get ready to welcome in the next generation of your social media! I present you: How you can talk about real estate without actually talking about real estate on social media!

Let me preface this by saying there’s only one way you’ll accomplish this. What it takes is actually a MINDSET SHIFT! It’s realizing that it takes more than just posting to post, and that social media should be intentional, give value, and be infused with your personality.

The reason? Exactly what I said above: So you can use it to build a digital reputation and personal, memorable brand for your business – one that people don’t forget. One that people can tell their friends about. One that converts followers into clients and referrals! 

Once that mindset shift happens, you’ll realize how easy it is to talk about real estate, without actually having to talk about it.

Here are some KEY pieces to bring into social media that will have you talking about real estate without sounding like the billboard on please hire me highway:

  1. TALK ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY: Share local events, highlight local businesses, charity outings, and so much more!

    Your non-real estate, real estate example: Your brokerage is sponsoring a charity event at a local golf course. Be the face of the event on your social media – post about it leading up to it. Show BTS of the event on your stories the day of. 

    Here’s one more: You just grabbed coffees from your favorite local coffee shop on your way to a closing – snap a photo of the drink holder filled with coffees on your front seat and pair it with some text that says you just picked up closing day coffees (and tag the coffee shop)! 

  1. THE HUMAN BEHIND THE FOR SALE SIGN: Think: Day in the life (real estate and beyond). Pilates, coffee run, showings, lunch, networking, rinse and repeat. There’s a reason why influencers are constantly posting to their stories. People love to see the in’s and out’s of their lives. Same with yours! Plus – people like to work with people they know!

    Your non-real estate, real estate example: Record little clips throughout your day (a mix of the personal stuff and the real estate stuff) and stitch them together to form an easy reel. Pair it with a trending audio and caption it with a story, experience, or takeaway from your day and voila!

  1. BEHIND THE SCENES AND ON THE GO: Talk about your biz agenda for the day – showings, inspections, final walk throughs, closings, etc. Document > Create meaning you’re sharing subtly. It will serve as content that takes people behind the scenes but also subtly reminds them “Hey, I CAN help you buy or sell a home and here’s sneak peeks of how I do it!”

    Your non-real estate, real estate example: Tell a story about a recent transaction (omitting specific client details of course, unless you have permission). Explain how you brought value to your clients (how did you help them reach their goals) and what the process was like working together (YOUR client experience).

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MASC is a community of Modern Agents that utilize social media to build relationships and build their business by showing up authentically and infusing their personality into it!

There are so many moving parts to MASC. It’s a community, learning center, content library, and so much more. At MASC, we do 90% of the content creation for you, so all you have to do is the fun stuff – infusing your personality! No more generic content that gets crickets! 

Want to know more? (I’m sure you do!) Click here! The doors to MASC open once a quarter. Sign up to join the waitlist (unless you’ve caught us at the right time! Then you better join while you have the chance.) Or you could just join my email list so you’re the first to know when the doors are open.

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