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For the ambitious, female realtor who craves an authentic approach to marketing and wants to run a business built on relationships not cold leads.

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while you rock your babies and spend Sunday afternoons with your family!

You can't afford to have social media strategy that doesn't work

You only need two things

You need content AND you need a plan. Modern Agent Social Club has BOTH. And they're flawlessly designed and ready for you to pop the pieces into place. Our personality driven strategy will help you stand out in your market, stay top of mind with your sphere and attract the best fit clients and referrals - simply by being YOU.

to be successful using social media

Personality Infused

social media strategies that pour over into your

entire business

what you'll get

  • The creative strategies to show up powerfully
  • The personality infused content and tools to make it easy
  • The community so you’re not on an island all alone

You focus on selling real estate. Modern Agent Social Club will help make marketing your business on social media SO MUCH EASIER (and way more successful)!

what if

You had access to all of the content, tools and resources required to implement the Modern Agent system above?

With a Modern Agent Social Club Membership, you'll get all of that PLUS the ongoing trainings to keep you accountable and taking action.

work with clients that make you hate your job

You don't have to...

sacrifice time with your family to grow your business

feel a constant pressure to remind everyone you know that you sell real estate

go to the beach with your family and not worry where your next client is coming from

You can...

show up on social media and get more referrals from the comfort of your couch when you implement the Modern Agent Method.

How many clients have you missed out on because you're not using social media effectively? 

  • You don’t know what to do or what to post Social media overwhelms you - so you pour a glass of wine and decide to figure it out "tomorrow"

  • You don’t have time to figure this out yourself *scrolls the gram to see other successful agents instead

  • You try to outsource it so you at least have a “presence” but that doesn’t work when it comes to getting actual clients


THE Membership

  • 30+ Days of Content Templates
  • 100+ Graphics (mix of carousels & static posts)
  • 15 reel prompts (tied to the content templates)
  • 30 caption templates
  • Individual Caption Google Doc
  • Modern Agent Method Course - Your success framework for using Modern Agent Content strategically and building a custom plan for social media 
  • Weekly Game Plan (5-7 prompts of things to do paired with the Members Only Private Podcast)
  • Weekly Email Templates to send your database
  • Guided Monthly Calendar
  • Access to our referral directory of 1200+ agents (in every state, Mexico, Canada and beyond)
  • Facebook Community with access to members / like minded agents, trainings, hot topics, advice, feedback and more
  • Club Meeting Trainings, Challenges and more with Chelsea
  • 25+ marketing campaigns
  • Quarterly custom stock photos shot specifically for the membership content
  • Monthly Reel scripts and story prompts
  • Access to previous months of content and our content library searchable by category
  • Monthly desktop backgrounds
  • Jumpstart section to help you get started



Picture this... we're sitting down in the comfiest leather chairs next to a fireplace. I pour you a glass of your favorite drink to cheers with and give you my best marketing advice. I then hand you a key that you use to unlock my virtual marketing closet that has all the ready to customize content, tools and resources you need to implement all the marketing secrets I just told you!



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