hi...i'm Chelsea

i'm a small town wisconsin realtor® and educator. i'm married to a handsome guy, named marc who helps me run this online business along with the help of cold brew coffee and a mac book pro. i have a thing for hospitality, dream of living in napa valley and believe that nothing is better than the first glass of wine. 

Why I created the Social Club

I had recently switched to a new brokerage and was chatting with the team leader, sharing about my marketing plan for the year, how I stay in touch with past clients, the annual pie deliveries during Thanksgiving, my social media strategy, client happy hours, all the creative things I do...

During our convo she said, “You don’t have to be so creative you know. We have automated postcards you can send out monthly. All you have to do is upload your contact list & never have to think about it. You’ll have more time for lead gen (which at this company meant cold calling - something anyone who knows me, knows I REFUSE to do). Along with automated postcards, BARF.

SIRENS went off in my head and I walked out of that office & thought to myself, I want zero part of this career if it means cold calling all day & no creativity or being myself. I know that shouting a generic message would just fall on deaf ears and blend in with everyone else. Instead I worked with amazing clients who became my friends. Clients who were drawn to me because of THE WAY I RAN MY BUSINESS! 

They saw me on social media, they heard what it was like to work with me, how I’d bring coffees to showings, pizzas on closing day, champagne photo shoots. How I’d drop off a pie at Thanksgiving or meet them for coffee - not send out a generic postcard about the market every month.

I realized in that moment how much creativity & marketing were my true passion & that I wanted to reach other agents who felt just like me! To be able to tell them YOU CAN DO THIS YOUR OWN WAY! You don’t have to follow some cookie cutter, soul sucking (cold calling / door knocking) way to success! You can attract all the business you need in order to be successful by doing ONE. SIMPLE. THING. - BEING YOURSELF! So here I am today - the Modern Life REALTOR. I have a community that has grown to 7,000 agents & a monthly membership teaching agents how to stand out online! All I have to say now is, Thank God for that advice and JUST BE YOURSELF and do things YOUR WAY. Consistency will get you results!

The Quiz

The perfect wine glass, friends on repeat, a steamy bowl of mac and cheese (annie's gf), a good dose of hospitality... Time to reveal a few more of my favorites!  see anything we have in common?

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2. If I could meet 1 person

3. Drink to cheers with

5. Best book i've read

6. Movie i could watch over and over

4. In my next life, i'd be

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