For the ambitious, female realtor who craves an authentic approach to marketing and wants to run a business built on relationships not cold leads

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  • The creative strategies to show up powerfully
  • The personality infused content and tools to make it easy
  • The community so you’re not on an island all alone

You focus on selling real estate. Modern Agent Social Club will help make marketing your business on social media SO MUCH EASIER (and way more successful)!

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How many clients have you

because you're

not using social media

  • You don’t know what to do or what to post 

  • Social media overwhelms you - so you pour a glass of wine and decide to figure it out "tomorrow"

  • You don’t have time to figure this out yourself *scrolls the gram to see other successful agents instead

  • You try to outsource it so you at least have a “presence” but that doesn’t work when it comes to getting actual clients


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Modern Agent Social Club?

What's Different About

A lot of memberships exist to “give you content to post” so you can have that social media "presence" everyone keeps telling you that you need. But that's not enough...

When I created MASC, I knew a successful social media strategy required more than content to copy and paste. It required more than just a presence. Content alone, isn't effective or needle moving without a results driven strategy to pair with it. 

Modern Agent Social Club was designed to not only give you a strong social media presence but to help you build a memorable, personal brand and actually grow your business. This is achieved through the combination of our signature framework - The Modern Agent  Method (your foundation) and our ongoing strategies paired WITH the creative content (ready for you to customize and add your finishing touches)!


We get it! Your full time job is selling real estate, not creating social media content.

The good news is this: you don’t need to become a social media expert, graphic designer or professional copywriter to get game changing results. You just need a plan to follow & someone to show you the ropes.

To put it simply, Modern Agent Social Club is the exact blueprint you need to grow your real estate business through social media. It’s a clear, actionable way to increase your visibility online, turn your followers into clients and build your business YOUR WAY. And it’s all packaged up with a creative, strikingly different approach.

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Your monthly

Every month, you'll have access to a strategically designed plan for how to show up powerfully on social. I give you the framework and the tools, you take action and ignite your marketing fire.

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Netflix for Your       


I want you to utilize this membership at maximum capacity and I show up to help you do that through our monthly trainings. Pop in for what you need that month, binge it all on replay and continue to up level your biz. 

Give me the goods

The membership includes

Monthly marketing  plan for social

Every month you'll get a strategically designed marketing plan for how to show up on social

Weekly game plans  to tie into the monthly marketing strategy

We want to make it easy for you. We’ll take that monthly marketing plan and break it down by the week so you are never left feeling overwhelmed.

Training modules to help you use the membership at maximum  capacity

You'll learn all the pieces of the MASC content strategy designed to get you results

LIVE Trainings with Chelsea

Weekly coffee club - No member left behind (get your juiciest Q’s answered), Content Workshop, Monthly Game Plan - Training for every month’s marketing plan, Content Workshop - LIVE brainstorm sesh to plan content that helps you stand out

Group coaching with guest experts

from modern agent panels and client experience experts to time management coaches and brand photographers - you're going to learn from and be inspired by all the pros

Creative AF content for implementing our strategies

we don't leave you hanging, we’ll give you all the frameworks you need so all you have to do is spice it up with a little bit of YOU

All the tools you need to show up powerfully online

lead magnets, done for you emails, landing pages, grab and go marketing campaigns, custom stock photos, caption templates and customizable graphics to help you take action

All of the pieces needed to create a funnel to turn followers to clients

Getting results is going to require more than posting on your feed - but we have everything you need and will teach you how to do it

Community to learn from and get inspired by (and get referrals from)

our member’s group is like no other! We are all in this together and will support you with whatever you need when it comes to marketing your biz!

Modern agent


What is the

you ask?

Our signature framework designed to teach you the timeless strategies (that don't expire when the algorithm changes yet again) for turning followers into clients and referrals. Built out *in order* of implementation so you can go at your own pace and focus on one needle moving strategy at a time.

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Module 01

Modern agent

Get ready to go from professional poster to client generating machine on social.


Module 02

The modern agent

You’re building an engaged group of loyal “fans” on social media who think of YOU as the go-to resource for all things real estate. 


Module 03

Modern agent

How to use our marketing plans on your own terms - from the comfort of your couch (yoga pants and glass of wine included). 


Become a

We'll show you the ropes so you can customize our content to be on brand AF and never look like another agent again.


Module 04

Next level

We teach you how to use the tools we provide so it's easy peezy.

How To's

Module 05

Here's what you can expect to learn in the modern agent method

Module 01

Modern agent

Learn why posting "just sold" templates are hurting your brand and shift your approach to creating content that converts through our modern agent strategies.

Module 02

The modern agent

Social media CAN BE a "lead generating" activity. Learn how we structure our content (and how you can too) to position yourself as THE go to expert with your sphere and community.

Module 03


The secret sauce: How to use your Brand Menu to *add your 10%* to create a personal brand that is memorable, uncopyable and creates connection.




Module 04


Modules 1-3 were the bread and butter - your social media foundation. Now it's time to learn the core conversion driven strategies to help you get results that grow your biz.

Module 05


Stop looking for "right now" business. Instead, learn how to leverage social media to create a funnel of consistent clients (and closings). Social media should never be a dead end.

Solid Database


 I am so               with this membership and                       
already that I could go on and on about how
                 I am to have found MASC, and how much I am learning already. I know this membership               
me                the agent I want to be.

 I am so               with this membership and
that I could go on and on about how
                 I am to have found MASC, and how much I am learning already. I know this membership               
me                the agent I want to be.

In Love

Kristin s



Will Help


So          I joined MASC, it’s done                 ! My broker even said that through it I’ve done what agents try for years to do and that’s to              my SOI knows I’m in real estate and an             . All thanks to this
                         And what you’ve taught us.

So           I joined MASC, it’s done                 ! My broker even said that through it I’ve done what agents try for years to do and that’s to              my SOI knows I’m in real estate and an             . All thanks to this                       And what you’ve
taught us.


Taylor l





I have joined other                        programs and MASC is by far                 out there. Full disclosure, I secretly monitored your page everyday for months until the                            up.
It’s the best                      ever!

I have joined other
                       programs and MASC is by far
                 out there. Full disclosure, I secretly monitored your page everyday for months until the
It’s the best



The Best

Doors Opened


The membership                           in the first day! Becoming a MASC member has given me             of my day back THAT I WAS LOSING TRYING TO COME UP WITH FRESH CONTENT.
I                 my income this year and I attribute much of that to                           Social Club. 

The membership
                           in the first day! Becoming a MASC member has given me
             of my day back THAT I WAS LOSING TRYING TO COME UP WITH FRESH CONTENT. I                 my income this year and I attribute much of that to                           
Social Club. 

Bailey C

Paid For Itself



Modern Agent


The Founder

Hi, I’m Chelsea Petersen! My bread and butter is teaching real estate agents how to grow their business on social media with a personality infused approach so they can attract clients they love!

After selling real estate for 7 years and seeing how much it continued to be rooted in old school sales tactics, I set out to help agents reframe their marketing in a way that attracts clients they actually want to work with, aligns with their lifestyle and makes them approachable.

For me personally, I never chose to market my business in a way I didn’t want to be on the other end of. Instead, I chose an approach that felt more like having a glass of wine with a friend (whether figuratively or literally) - where I shared my best real estate advice and treated them just like I would my mom, dad or best friend when it came to buying and selling. 

When building relationships is the foundation of a successful referral based business, a warm approach is key. A social media strategy provides agents with an opportunity to do this from the comfort of home (with FRIENDS reruns on in the background) while simultaneously getting to build a brand they want to be known for! 

When I’m not designing creative content or teaching the modern agent method to real estate agents, I am traveling with my husband (and soon to be baby boy), enjoying a good glass of California Cab, binge watching a comfort show (Gilmore Girls) or reading the latest Elin Hilderbrand book with an iced coffee + splash of almond milk. 

Ready for more? Let's grab a glass (or 2)!

More about Chelsea


The Team


Content Creation Virtuoso - Putting the magic in the modern agent member's content with 4 kiddos in tow and FRIENDS on in the background.


Unofficial Co-CEO (Chelsea's husband) and MASC's Jack of all trades (most importantly, IT Hero). But usually found golfing...



Customer Support Wizard - If you've got a problem, YO she'll solve it (with a glass of red wine probably). She'll be there for you!

Growth Guru - Navigating & perfecting all the top secret back end systems you never knew existed (with an Aperol Spritz & slice of pizza)

The details

Frequently             questions


Modern Agent Social Club is an annual (12 month) membership that can be paid monthly or in full upon sign up. This membership is for the Real Estate Agent that wants to put in the work to build their online brand and understands this is a long term marketing strategy. You should be willing to commit to this for a full year and if you follow our strategy, you WILL build a powerful referral network over time. Think of this membership like a gym membership for your business. When you go to the gym, you don't see results after a few workouts, you have to keep doing the work. So you also have to understand that this membership is a long term strategy for building consistent business and a pipeline of loyal clients. It's doing the work, keeping up with the changes that are inevitable with social media and consistently showing up in the way that I teach and you WILL see results! We want agents who are serious about using The Modern Agent Method and taking action and we want them committed to this community. We’re not fans of pop tart agents who jump around from one shiny thing to the next. I want you to get RESULTS and that is going to require commitment. If you're just looking for pretty graphics and just listed banners for your feed, we are not for you! Modern Agent is a mindset, a community and for agents who want to change the game in the real estate industry.

I’m not sure how small, a “small sphere is” but let’s say you’re connected to around 100 people.. 100 people is better than 0! Think if you hosted a party and all of them came to your house - that’s a lot of people! And what you might be overlooking is that every single one of those people will know someone moving in the next year.The question is - are they going to think of you when that time comes? Even if only 5 of those people think of you, that’s 5 transactions you wouldn’t otherwise have! The other part to this is that you can implement these strategies I teach to expand your reach and connect with people in your local community. I teach you how to engage with people and build up your connections, not just your sphere! The modern agent method teaches you how to continuously build up your database!

The difference with Modern Agent Social Club is that we don't give you content to hoard so you're left throwing a bunch of generic brand spaghetti at the wall. We equip you with the strategies that pair perfectly with creative, personality infused content so that you can show up powerfully, with intention and in a way that builds relationships not stagnant followers. We provide you with the strategies and a monthly marketing plan to keep the needle moving. Through The Modern Agent Method paired with our content, you'll get access to clear, actionable steps you can take to turn followers into clients and see results.  We equip you with the creative content, tools, resources, ongoing trainings, community and support you need to keep taking action month after month. 

You're ready for the club if you are CRAVING a more authentic, feel good approach to marketing that results in building a business you LOVE. You're tired of the stiff, generic, traditional marketing methods and you want to build a business built on relationships. You are ready to commit to learning the modern agent strategies (I promise they're super fun!) and implementing as you go. If you want to elevate your online marketing, build a brand that people come to know, love and REMEMBER, want to use your marketing time more effectively, don't want to create content from scratch, don't have time to spend piecemeal-ing a plan together or keeping up with social media updates, and would love to just have someone show you the ropes (and give you the content and tools to make it happen)... as much of a run on sentence as that is: YOU ARE READY FOR THE CLUB!

What if you sign up and it's not what you expected? I highly doubt this will happen (we are REALLY confident about this) but hey - you never know! For that reason we offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you sign up, get inside and think OH NO, this isn't what I was expecting.. I’m sure crazier people exist but regardless, we are happy to give you a full refund (as long as you don’t take anything with you from the club)! *Scout’s honor

There are two things I want to mention about this... One, you are you and that is your superpower. The foundation of these strategies are built on using modern methods with an authentic approach. A key piece to all of this is based around sharing the human behind the for sale sign. The only way to be strikingly different is to be yourself. When you're putting your own spin on how you show up, and sharing who you are - no one can replicate that. People are going to want to work with you for YOU. You aren’t going to be the right fit for everyone so stay in your own lane and do you - the competition will become irrelevant!

The second piece to this is - you have YOUR OWN community of people. You might feel like your feed is swarming with other agents but I guarantee you that your mom's feed isn't and your best friend's feed isn't. You see more of what you interact with. So for example...if your best friend was really into personal training and working out, chances are if you were to scroll through their feed, you would see hundreds of other workout influencers. It would make you think - “Oh my gosh, Instagram is so saturated with workout shakes, yoga pants and people trying to get you to sign up for their program!” So let me reiterate: you need to STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. Wen you are showing up as YOU and truly putting the strategy to work, it doesn't matter if everyone at your office is a member because people are going to be attracted to you. So don't focus on what anyone else is doing. Focus on following the plan and being YOU and connecting with your own people and you will see results!