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Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Apple+, Disney+, am I forgetting something? 

It’s not news that there are 87 bajillion places to get “content” just like there are what seems like 17 bajillion places to watch different shows, reruns, movies, etc.

Even your own local sports teams are hard to locate without having 12 different streaming services. 

Thanks to social media and the effort required to create content, there are also endless ways to get that too! 

You can hire 1 of 94 trillion Social media managers on Instagram, you could probably see what generic content your brokerage has for you to use (that they definitely sell you as a “perk to being one of their agents”, a new social media membership that is what seems to be a replica of the last one you scrolled by on Instagram… 

My point is: Locating “content” in and of itself actually isn’t all that tough.

WHAT IS TOUGH…. is figuring out what content ACTUALLY WORKS to grow your business. 

*I am writing to you, the agent who wants social media to be a PRIME marketing and growth tool in their business.

If this isn’t you, keep reading because what I’m about to say may change (and blow) your mind.

Before I spill the tea, I want you to think bigger about “CONTENT”. I want you to think deeper..

Because we want our social media efforts to be worthwhile, not wasted, right? (And I’m about to help you do just that)

Instead of looking for “CONTENT” like this (aesthetically pleasing real estate graphics, market update infographics, just sold and just listed templates to pop a pic of your listing into, real estate definitions like “what is earnest money” in pretty colors and fonts and worst of all, cheesy graphics for every single holiday and national day)… PLEASE STOP


I want you to think about social media like this for a second: 

You are using social media to build a personal brand. You are leveraging platforms like Instagram to build a REPUTATION for your business, digitally. 

SAY IT WITH ME TO LET IT SINK IN: “I’m using social media to build a personal brand. I’m here to build a reputation for my business, digitally. Not just to create content and get likes.” 

MIC DROP – XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL (just kidding, I’m not done yet)…

THE BEST PART – You are in control of impacting how people perceive your brand and business THROUGH how you show up on social media (and THROUGH your content. 

That is why it’s about MORE than content. It’s about YOUR brand. 

So let me spin this back on you… What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand and business? What kind of reputation would you define for yourself if given the opportunity?

Because the opportunity is here, my friend! It’s right in front of you on whatever social media platform you’re using for your business. KNOCK KNOCK!

Now it’s time to take those answers and turn them into SUPER INTENTIONAL CONTENT!

By shifting your mindset from “I need content” to “I am building a personal brand and reputation for my business, what do I want that to reflect” it should:

-Provide so much clarity on “what kind of content to create”

-Make the time you do spend on social media a lot more intentional and effective and needle moving.

-Prevent a lot of time wasted focused on things like vanity metrics and reel views

-Increase your confidence both on and off social media because you’re standing true in your brand and authentic self

-Be infused with your personality because in order to build a personal brand on social media, people are going to need to know YOU – the human behind the for sale sign (even if your only goal is to stay top of mind with your sphere)

-Help you to build a business that’s rooted in relationships and referrals and that attracts the RIGHT FIT CLIENTS (that makes business fun)!

I’ll be honest, this is all A LOT easier said than done.

It’s also EXACTLY why Modern Agent Social Club exists. 

We don’t just throw content at you to post and pray.

We give you tried and true strategies that help you look at social media in this way and build a strong, referral based business THROUGH your content and how you show up. 

Don’t just take it from me, check out what REAL modern agents are saying here.

The doors to the club only open once per quarter. If you want to start using social media in the way I described in this post and lock in a solid strategy that sets you up for success join the waitlist (unless you caught this at the right time – then join now!)

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