You know this already. And you probably hear it every day from all of the self-proclaimed  “Instagram experts”, but I’m here to tell you too. You need video in your social strategy. 

I know, I know – you’ve heard it all before “video isn’t the future, video is now.. yadda yadda yadda” but KEEP READING (I’ve got two easy ways you can ACTUALLY incorporate video into your social strategy this week). Why? 

Your face needs to be seen. 

Not just when you post to your feed *insert number* of times per week. 

It needs to be everywhere. Okay not everywhere, but the more places you’re showing up the better (like in more places than one!)

Now, I didn’t write this to “should” you or add pressure to your social strategy. 

Video doesn’t have to be the big scary monster it’s made out to be. It can be easy. Especially when you use these two tips to incorporate more video into your real estate social strategy. 

Tip #1: Instagram Stories – The All In Day 

What’s an “All in day”? (you might be thinking)

It’s just that! A day where you go “all-in” showing the behind the scenes on your stories. 

Here’s how to do it: 

Set an alarm to go off multiple times throughout the day. For example, every one or two hours. When the alarm goes off, record a video clip of what you’re doing at that moment and post it to your stories. 

Pro tip: Before you make any changes to your video clips (adding filters, stickers, text, etc.) save it to your camera roll! 


Change the settings on your IG account to automatically save your stories to your camera roll. (You’ll see why after you read Tip #2). 

Ideas of what to record: 

Span of your desk

Tour of a showing / listing

Timelapse of what you’re working on / you working on your computer / staging a room

Talking while sitting in the car (before or after an appointment)

Don’t overthink the “what to record”. Your career is content! 

Tip #2: Instagram Reels – Repurpose What You’ve Already Posted 

At the end of the week (after you’ve done a few of your “All In” days, repurpose the video clips into a reel. 

*This is why it’s important to save the unedited video clips you posted to your stories throughout the week*

Ideas of reels to create: 

Stitch them together with a voiceover of you giving real estate advice. 

Stitch them together and set it to the tune of a trending audio. 

Narrate one of your videos (example: timelapse of you staging a room – explaining why you set it up the way you did). 

Straight up, just reposting it (example: you talking in the car giving real estate advice).

Pro tip: 

Don’t approach reels with the mentality that if they don’t go viral, they’re a failure. Reaching anyone in your local market is a win! 

If you take anything from this post, I hope it’s this: strategic stories are the key to a less time-consuming video strategy for your real estate social media. 

Video doesn’t have to be a scary thing. If you’re still don’t believe me – read this! 
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