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Why do the doors only open 3 times / year?

Great question! Modern Agent Social Club dives deep into teaching real strategies for increasing your exposure, turning your followers into clients and growing your business using social media. It's the TRUE Modern Agent Method.

We don't just throw content at you so your feed looks pretty. We teach you how to show up strategically.  We prioritize and focus our time on showing up for our current members instead of answering questions from prospective members and promoting the membership constantly. We are constantly providing value and creating these awesome strategies so our agents can take action and implement instead of feeling overwhelmed by content. We also want our agents to join together so they can lean on each other and be set up for success right from the start.

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This is a true month to month membership, and can be cancelled at anytime. I do want to mention, if your mindset was “I’ll just try the membership out for a month or 2 to see how many leads I can get, then this probably isn’t for you. This membership is for the Real Estate Agent that wants to put in the work to build their online brand and understands this is a long term marketing strategy. You should be willing to commit to this for roughly a full year and if you follow our strategy, you WILL build a powerful referral network over time. Think of this membership like a gym membership for your business. When you go to the gym, you don't see results after a few workouts, you have to keep doing the work. So you also have to understand that this membership is a long term strategy for building consistent business and a powerful referral network. It's doing the work, keeping up with the changes that are inevitable with social media and consistently showing up in the way that I teach and you WILL see results! We only want agents who are serious about using The Modern Agent Method and taking action. If you're only looking for images and just listed banners for your feed, we are not for you! Modern Agent Method is a mindset, a community and for agents who want to change the game in the real estate industry.

Modern Agent Social Club is the PERFECT fit for brand new agents - social media is a FREE marketing tool! The training videos in our strategy bar will help you create your online brand and have a presence that keeps you top of mind. This is something agents should do in the very beginning (rather than focusing on slogans and logos) - especially when you don't have any business yet. This is THE time to focus on learning everything you can and creating a brand for yourself. The strategy bar teaches you how to infuse your personality into your brand and how to show up in a way that positions you as an expert, which will help build your confidence on and offline. We also dive into video strategies, how to show up and grow on Facebook vs Instagram, how to supercharge your database and so much more! All of the content that is provided will make this easy for you to stay consistent and look like THE expert to your followers.

I’m not sure how small, a “small sphere is” but let’s say you’re connected to around 100 people.. 100 people is better than 0! Think if you hosted a party and all of them came to your house - that’s a lot of people! And what you might be overlooking is that every single one of those people will know someone moving in the next year.The question is - are they going to think of you when that time comes? Even if only 5 of those people think of you, that’s 5 transactions you wouldn’t otherwise have! The other part to this is that you can implement these strategies I teach to expand your reach and connect with people in your local community. I teach you how to engage with people and build up your connections, not just your sphere! The modern agent method teaches you how to continuously build up your database!

This isn’t one of those memberships that is going to promise you how to get x leads / month. Let’s be honest, those are usually too good to be true promises and not accurate anyways. This membership was designed to be a long term strategy that you have to believe in and execute. By creating a long term business plan that drives consistent referrals, you will get to the point where you can stop “looking for leads”! Cue the sigh of relief! If you do follow the strategies and implement the steps, one year from now, you should see 3-5 times the referrals than you are currently getting. This is about building a powerful long term brand online. It's dependent on whether or not you put in the hard work, I can’t make that decision for you but I will be here to cheer you on!

The difference with Modern Agent Social Club is that I am teaching you REAL strategies, not giving you a bunch of fluff content so your feed looks pretty.. I teach you high level marketing strategies that provide you with clear, actionable steps you can take to turn followers into clients and see results. The content I create is designed with a strategy behind it to go hand in hand with the trainings. You’re not going to get 30 random images and captions every month - this is truly the modern agent method.  

This is completely “go at your own pace” as far as the strategy bar goes. You can binge watch everything in 2 days or you can focus on one step each week and really dig in and start taking action. I recommend implementing one step at a time so you can fully optimize each part of the strategy and get comfortable with it. This membership is designed to be a long term business building strategy, not a membership to "get x leads in 30 days - those are typically only ending in disappointment or cold, dead leads. This is about building that powerful referral network to generate consistent referrals and truly run your business like a business.  

The membership pricing above is for individual Real Estate Agents and only one login per agent is purchased with each membership.  Agents who are found sharing their login or using the content for multiple agents, will have their account terminated immediately and could face legal actions per our terms and conditions.

If you are on a team or a marketing manager, please visit our team page. Or contact us at [email protected] to inquire about options and pricing. We gladly welcome teams and marketing managers and have options to accommodate most situations.

There are two things I want to mention about this... One, you are you and that is your superpower. The foundation of these strategies are built on using modern methods with an authentic approach. A key piece to all of this is based around sharing the human behind the for sale sign. The only way to be strikingly different is to be yourself. When you're putting your own spin on how you show up, and sharing who you are - no one can replicate that. People are going to want to work with you for YOU. You aren’t going to be the right fit for everyone so stay in your own lane and do you - the competition will become irrelevant!

The second piece to this is - you have YOUR OWN community of people. You might feel like your feed is swarming with other agents but I guarantee you that your mom's feed isn't and your best friend's feed isn't. You see more of what you interact with. So for example...if your best friend was really into personal training and working out, chances are if you were to scroll through their feed, you would see hundreds of other workout influencers. It would make you think - “Oh my gosh, Instagram is so saturated with workout shakes, yoga pants and people trying to get you to sign up for their program!” So let me reiterate: you need to STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. Wen you are showing up as YOU and truly putting the strategy to work, it doesn't matter if everyone at your office is a member because people are going to be attracted to you. So don't focus on what anyone else is doing. Focus on following the plan and being YOU and connecting with your own people and you will see results! 

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