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You know the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”?

Well, IT DOES.

Henry is almost one year old, and I can attest to it! (also cannot believe how fast it’s going even though EVERYONE tells you that!) 🥹

It takes grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, pets, and sometimes just Finding Nemo on the TV 🐠

It takes an entire family, community, and then some just to keep us in motion!

Even then, we have days that are stressful and difficult (still rewarding, don’t get me wrong)

Running a business is no different.

It takes a village to build a business!

It takes community, resourcefulness, and support.

But, as entrepreneurs it can be hard to ask for help and support.

We are independent with a can-do attitude, and are used to “just figuring things out” and doing things on our own.

I know, because I struggle with this too!

But it’s okay to ask for help and rely on other people. In fact, we should!

Because it’s nice to feel like there’s someone else you can rely on!

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. So having someone (or a lot of someones) to turn to when you need a favor, have a question, or aren’t sure what to do next is a game changer!

Not sure how to go about it? ⬇️

Here’s how Modern Agents rely on their “villages” to grow their businesses

  • Whether it’s through the Modern Agent Referral Network (the members only referral community) or through a gal they were sorority sisters with – they get referrals from friends, and from friends of friends!
  • They build meaningful relationships with their current clients. They genuinely connect with and get to know them on their journey. And include personal touches along the way to make their clients feel special.
  • This could be sending them a birthday card in the mail, getting a gift when they have their baby, surprising them with a Venmo payment of $20 to pick up a bottle of wine after seeing they had a bad day, so many options to connect and take social media off social!
  • They keep in touch with past clients! Of course they ask for a review, but they also build a relationship with their clients that keeps them top of mind and connected. Text messages are REALLY EASY – just saying!
  • Modern Agents position themselves as the local expert! Their love of serving their community, shopping local, connecting with new people and building relationships makes them stand out as the obvious choice.

Ready to have a business that looks like this ^^^^?

With referrals from friends.
Rooted in relationships and community.

In Marketing Bar episode 35, Modern Agent Kristina Mollo Dunn spills the tea on how she built hers!

We talk about her lifestyle and personality infused approach that includes “Closing Day dances”, legendary closing gifts, the perfect balance of mom life & real estate, an off the cuff approach, and so much more!

Click here to listen!


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