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A little pink sailboat + 70 foot waves – the odds were stacked against her… 🌊⛵️

When the sailboat (also named Pink) takes on that *first NYC apartment building sized wave, she goes completely vertical, inevitably flipping over and sinking under the water.

Her parents could see from the tracker on the sailboat that she was 15 feet underwater – IN A SAILBOAT 😳

This was an edge of your seat scene from the movie, True Spirit on Netflix (highly recommend).

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re up against a giant wave in your business right now…


You’re brand new to your business (or social media) and getting started with all of it feels like taking on a 70 foot wave (aka next to impossible)

You’re feeling stuck with your marketing – quickly sinking as you keep putting it off because you have no idea how to take on that wave successfully

Or, maybe you are letting the fear of that *70 foot* business wave paralyze you into doing well, nothing (except going to hit play on True Spirit on Netflix)

and it’s causing you to want to head back to shore and seek safety <hello, comfort zone>

But when it comes to business, staying near the shore is not a plan for success

You don’t get the same accomplishment <RESULTS> when you stay on shore

(whether you don’t get to say you sailed around the entire world or you never grow a successful business because of it)

First, I want to tell you that I would never attempt to sail around the world or even more than 100 feet offshore in a sailboat 😂

The only thing I want to do with the ocean is watch it from my balcony with a yummy cup of coffee BUT, I have been up against some pretty big business waves (more than once)

These waves pop up in different seasons of business

-Whether it’s figuring out how to transition from your current career into your new business

-Trying to keep up with a major social media change / trend (lookin’ at you, Reels 2020)

-Or it’s figuring out how to keep your business moving forward while balancing your new role as a mama

So I thought I’d share what ALWAYS brings me back and helps me get re-focused, re-energized, and back on track..

No matter what kind of wave you encounter, when it comes to how you approach your business, your marketing, and your social media – I want you to keep THESE 3 THINGS at the foundation of all of it

1. Never stop learning about your industry. Know it forwards, backwards, sideways and share that knowledge consistently so you become or stay that expert. ALWAYS, choose serving > selling

2. ALWAYS be intentional (if you’re spending time on something, have a purpose, an end goal, a reason for why you’re doing it)

3. INVEST in your business – if you want to be successful, or get to that next level, and tackle that 70 foot wave, you might have to get some help! Invest in someone who has gone before you, who can show you the ropes, who can help you get there faster or with way less of a time commitment – whatever need you have!

Want an example of what this might look like in your real estate business? Read THIS POST ⬅️

Now go get those waves (the good news is, unless your goal is to sail around the world, you don’t have to step foot in the actual ocean)!

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