Modern Agent Social Club (the most creative club for real estate agents on the internet) is half a decade old.



In honor of the *vibe* that is MASC turning 5 – here are 5 lessons we’ve learned in our first 5 years.

  1. Personality is your biggest competitive advantage.

    If you’ve read a marketing textbook (or taken a formal marketing course) you most likely know the 4 p’s of marketing (product, price, place, and promotion). But the 5th p (that you didn’t learn) is personality! A personality infused approach is what we focus on and teach at MASC because you need YOU in your business to stand out.

  2. Action gets results. Motion does not.

    And knowing the difference between the two is life changing! It’s something I learned from the infamous James Clear (author of Atomic Habits).

    Choose action as much as possible and strive to eliminate motion altogether.

    (To learn more about the difference between action & motion from James Clear himself – check out the binge worthy sip list 👇👇).
  1. The right time will never come.

    Believe me, I spent a few years waiting for “the right time” or “when I’m ready” to do something (like launching the Marketing Bar podcast). Don’t do that. Don’t wait for perfection or the right time. It’ll never come. And once you finally do what you’ve wanted to do all along, you’ll look back and wish you’d done it sooner.

  2. Repel as much as you attract.

    This was (and still sometimes is) a hard lesson for me to learn. Whether it was back in my days as a real estate agent or now as an entrepreneur, I’ve realized that repelling the wrong people is equally as important as attracting the right people. Not everyone’s right for you and it’s a tough lesson to learn. But it makes moving forward (with the right fit people) THAT much easier and more satisfying.

  3. Community is crucial.

    You don’t have to (AND shouldn’t) do everything on your own. When ‘they’ say, “It takes a village,” they’re also talking about in your business! Don’t be afraid to ask for help (even if you don’t think you need it).


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