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“And the chicken POOPS in her lap!”

You’re probably thinking… 

“Who is she? And why does she have a chicken in her lap in the first place?!”

We’ll get to who said that later… The important thing is – I got you thinking AND wanting to know more!  

What if your content could have the same thought provoking, need to know more effect on your people? 

Newsflash – it can! 

ENTER – The Cliffhanger Effect (and 4 ideas you can implement today!) 

Let’s jump in! 

What is The Cliffhanger Effect? 

You know when you’re binge watching a new series on Netflix & the season ends & leaves you hanging at the edge of your seat thinking “WHAT? That can’t be the end! Please tell me there’s another episode!” 

BUT then you realize the next season is available to press play on. Phew!

Yeah, you’re definitely going to press play. 

That’s exactly how The Cliffhanger Effect works! 

And Netflix isn’t the only one that can make content that way… 

You too can write content that leaves people wanting more, and ready to binge whatever you come up with next!  

Here’s how to write content using The Cliffhanger Effect! 

1. Tell a multi part story

Scratch the generic *just sold* post & hit ‘em with a multi part *sold* story.

Take one story and break it up into 3 parts! 

ie: Tell a story of why your buyers chose the house they bought & their journey to get there.

Part 1: What they’re looking for and what the market is like where they’re looking. Maybe you include a carousel of photos that match their house hunting wish list.

Part 2: The competitive offer scenario you helped them bust through.

Part 3: The reveal of the house they bought and why they chose it!

*Don’t forget to include <Part 1 of 3> in each post so people can easily tell which posts go together

2. Share a value driven *series*

This might look like: “Home Seller Bootcamp” – 5 days to get your house market ready.

It could be 5 days of valuable posts in a row. Mixing it up by including 2 posts, 1 carousel, 1 reel, & 1 live video to wrap it up!

*With each post labeled <Day 1 of 5> so people know which posts are part of the series! 

3. Share a SHOP LOCAL series

Leverage upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Black Friday to do a series of posts where you feature local businesses!

PS: When using the Cliffhanger Effect, it’s also important to build up some hype! Talk about it in your stories beforehand, during and after! Share a post letting people know about the upcoming series – that is a cliffhanger in and of itself!

4. HOOK them right away

One of the best ways to use The Cliffhanger Effect – is in your caption hooks! 

A caption hook is the first part of the caption – and it’s what decides whether someone is going to stop the scroll and keep reading OR if they’re going to slide on by. 

For that reason – it’s important to spend almost as much time on your hook as you do on your caption!  

Here are 10 examples of caption hooks you can infuse into your next captions! 

1. THE QUESTION WE’RE ALL WONDERING: Share something about the current market / the low inventory and what’s ahead

2. REMINDER FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS IT: Share something motivational / ie: it’s never too late to become a homeowner (or something more personal)

3. I DEBATED SHARING THIS: Share a mistake you made that you learned from

4. I’LL GIVE YOU THE CLIFF NOTES VERSION: How you helped a buyer get an A/O in a competitive market

5. IT’S TIME TO STOP SAYING THIS: ie – you don’t need a real estate agent in a hot market

6. THIS POST WILL INCREASE YOUR HOME VALUE: Share home projects with the highest ROI

7. THIS WAS A RED FLAG: Talk about something industry related that buyers or sellers should watch out for

8. YOU’RE GONNA NEED WINE FOR THIS: Something you want your community to know – could be fun, personal, a client story, something cliff hanging, etc

9. HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF THIS: Talk about their “why” when buying a home

10. MOST PEOPLE OVERLOOK THIS: Talk about a common buyer or seller mistake you see being made

Okay, back to the chicken! 

“And the chicken POOPS in her lap!

– Rachel Green (Friends, S2 E1)

Bonus points if you already knew (;

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