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Social media is so much more than throwing a post together and closing your app for the day!

It is an inside look at your life, your real estate career, and it gives other people a chance to get to know YOU and who you are behind the sold sign!

That’s the exact reason why I talk about Instagram stories so much. Instagram stories are the perfect way to take your followers behind the scenes to share anything and everything. And they’re the perfect place to experiment, ask questions, get creative, and share anything you don’t want to commit to sharing in your feed.

In this blog post, I’m spilling my top secret to creating consistent content on Instagram stories AND 21 ways you can show up on stories this week. Let’s jump in!

My top secret to getting the most from your stories and creating consistently is something that we do on our own Modern Agent Social Club Instagram account (and help our members implement in the Modern Agent Social Club membership). The secret – theming your days! Here’s what I mean:

When you theme your days and the content you share to your stories, it makes it easier to show up every day (and every week moving forward). It takes the pressure off of you to come up with fresh ideas every day because you have a plan! It also establishes consistency on your social media and helps your followers know what to expect from you. Win, win, win!

Theming your content and your days on stories doesn’t have to be complex! Here is an example of stories themes that you can implement into your own social strategy! (AND 21 story ideas to get you started).

Monday – Morning Routine Monday
– Share how you’re prepping for the week.
– A timelapse of your morning routine.
– Share what you’re making or picking up for breakfast. If you’re picking something up – tag the business!

Tuesday – Everything Nice and Real Estate Advice
– Bust the market myths you see floating around on TikTok.
– Talk about the local market and focus on a different neighborhood each week.
– Share pictures and videos from while you’re out at showings, inspections, closings, etc.

Wednesday – Poll Your Followers
– What do they want to see you post about?
– What events are they most excited about in the community?
– What do they find confusing about the current market?

Thursday – Confessions of a Modern Agent
– Share stories about your career in real estate.
– Dive into the not-so glamorous side of real estate (but keep it optimistic).
– Show what people don’t realize you do as an agent.

Friday – Winding Down From the Week
– Walk them through your nighttime routine.
– How do you unwind for a relaxing weekend OR prepare for a busy one?
– Take your followers BTS to your happy hour plans, date night, etc.

Saturday – What’s Happening at Home
– Share the behind the scenes of what’s happening in your life. (Did you burn dinner? Did your cat get stuck on top of the kitchen cabinets again?) There’s magic in the mundane!
– Give a tour of one of your favorite rooms in your house. What makes it special to you?
– Take your followers along with your plans for the weekend.

Sunday – Loving Where You Live
– Sharing the local love – coffee run, grocery shopping / farmers market, bagels to-go, etc.
– Highlight a local business.
– Shoutout to one of your preferred vendors / business partners – and tag them.

Use these themes, or come up with your own. You can use this framework (even these 21 ideas ^^) over and over again – without re-inventing the wheel!

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