You’re more than a Real Estate Agent.

You’re an agent who…

  • Is also a mom
  • Loves shopping at Target
  • Is the best hostess
  • Loves a good glass of wine
  • Volunteers at school
  • Has an eye for design
  • Loves where they live
  • Watches Friends re-runs daily
  • Has a great sense of humor
  • Is passionate about something
  • Spends a lot of time at church
  • Always reads the latest thriller
  • Loves DIY projects

So what’s my point? 

You should share more of those things! Social media as an agent shouldn’t turn you into a carbon copy of every other agent. It should help you stand out, humanize you, and make you approachable! 

It should help attract your right fit clients, keep you top of mind, and allow you to build & nurture relationships.

No one is going to hire you only because you sell real estate. Newsflash, a lot of other people do that too! 

They’re going to hire you because they trust YOU. In order for them to trust YOU, they have to feel like they know YOU and like YOU. And for that to happen, they need to see YOU. 

They need to see more than the real estate agent, more than the sold sign, more than the sales pitch. It’s time to infuse a little more YOU. 

No one is going to hire you just because you sell real estate. It’s more than that & you’re more than that too!

If you want to learn the strategies for doing this well and consistently, this is a FOUNDATIONAL piece of Modern Agent Social Club and our core membership training (The Modern Agent Method).

In the membership, we create content that is rooted in personality to make it easy for you to *pop in YOURS* (designed to make you stand out, humanize you, and make you approachable).

We do 90% of the legwork, you learn the strategies and fill in your 10% to show up powerfully on social media.
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