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Your profile is like your virtual first impression. What impression is your profile giving? Hopefully a good one! But if it’s not, you’ve come to the right spot. I’m here to give your Instagram profile the makeover it needs to make the best introduction possible! No more scaring away potential real estate clients. Let’s start at the beginning – your username! 

Username – Your username is more important than you probably realize. It’s how people search for you in the app, it’s most likely printed on your marketing materials, and it’s where you tell people to look for you. Hopefully it’s something they’ll remember, but if it’s not and you need to change things up – here are a few ideas of what you should include in your username. 

Your Name – This is probably a no brainer – your name is the most obvious thing people will search for in the app! Including this in your username just makes sense. 

Something Real Estate related (agent, real estate, realtor, your home girl, etc.) – This also helps with searchability in case someone local is searching something like ‘city name real estate agent’.

Your City Name – This helps you connect with local people!

Something You’re Known For – To make you memorable! Like exclusively shopping at Trader Joes, loving wine, being a mom, etc.

To put it all together here are a few examples of what mine could be: 




Next, let’s take a look at your profile picture! 

Profile Picture – A first impression wouldn’t be complete without a welcoming photo of YOU! To choose the best profile picture – make it one of you without a lot of ‘background noise’. You can always use the Canva background remover to isolate yourself. Here’s a side by side example of two profile pictures (before and after the background remover). 

Here are criteria to help you choose a good profile picture for your real estate profile: 

Is the picture blurry? (If you answered no, proceed to the next question)

Can you see your face clearly? (If you answered yes, proceed to the next question)

Are you the only person in the picture? (If you answered yes, proceed to the next question)

Is there a lot happening in the background of the picture? (If you answered yes, can you remove the background using the Canva background remover? If you answered no, proceed to the next question)

Bio – Your bio can make or break your profile! You have 150 characters to sum up who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you. That’s not a lot of room to pack it all in – you have to learn to be concise! Ideally, your bio should call out your ideal audience, provide info about you and what you share on your profile. Plus include a link to a freebie to get them on your email list. 

Here’s an example of a bio that I wrote for my fictional profile: 

Oconomowoc, WI Real Estate Agent

First Time and Move Up Buyers 

Wine + Target + Go Pack Go

*Probably shopping online*

Get a copy of my Oconomowoc Guide! 

Highlights – You post so much valuable content to your stories! Why not save it to your highlights for easy to consume collections of content at a glance?
Save valuable content that appeals to your ideal audience. Choose a highlight cover that contributes to your profile branding. (colors, fonts, pictures, etc.)

Location – Ideally, you’ve already mentioned your city name in your profile! But by adding a location to your profile, it makes it easier to connect with local people by sharing the areas you service. 

Pinned Posts – Examples of what to pin and why it’s important. 

Here are ideas of posts you should have pinned on your profile: 

An introduction to you

A post promoting a freebie (to get on your email list)

A post highlighting your community

One of your posts (or reels) that highlights your personality

BONUS TIP: One of my favorite tips that will set you apart – having an active story (almost) all the time! This shows that you’re active on the app and helps paint the picture of your personality and what you share behind the scenes. 

Phew, I just threw a lot at you… With all of this I want you to remember – a good profile goes beyond the branding and aesthetics. Sure those things are important (I mean clearly – I just wrote this long post about them) BUT what’s superior is that you’re sharing valuable content that appeals to your ideal audience. Keep this in mind as you give your profile a makeover. 

For more tips like this, join my email list – The Weekly Sip! It’s like a virtual happy hour for your business, where I share social strategies, tips and tricks, and branding tips to make you THE modern agent of your market.

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