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There a lot of things we do for you when you’re a MASC member. But these are 3 things we will NEVER do (and why!)

  1. Auto-posting – (I hated even typing that word out – yuck!) Auto-posting is generic and generic does not build you a personal brand. MASC exists to help you build a personal brand that connects with and attracts the right fit clients while also keeping you top of mind with your sphere. Generic content doesn’t do that. Neither do pre-made done for you reels. 

  1. Pre-made, ready to post reels – Like I said, generic content doesn’t keep you top of mind. You need YOU in your content, it’s that simple. Pre-made, “done for you” reels don’t allow that. And your right fit people aren’t going to stop the scroll for them. 

  1. Just Listed / Just Sold Banners –  Maybe you’re thinking, how hard can it be? Give the people what they want. Here’s my answer: That type of content doesn’t align with the Modern Agent brand, with what we believe or what I teach – hear me out.. Who is that just sold post truly for? Who is it serving? What is the purpose? Or is it only serving you? How are these “banners” connecting you with people, inspiring your followers or educating them? They’re not. Maybe you think “it’s for the sellers” BUT the sellers likely don’t understand social media marketing because posting “just listed” banners isn’t doing anything for them (there are strategies for marketing listings online). 

At MASC, we swap those banners for stories and experiences instead! 

I teach & encourage our members to share about their business in a way that is much more powerful and actually connects (not only for themselves and their followers but for their sellers). That’s why I don’t create the banner templates. 

Instead of those boring banners, we do things like: 

1. Tell a story: Why did the buyer buy the house (what did they love, what was important to them)? What was their favorite room or feature?

2. How did you get your sellers the results they wanted (an over asking offer, multiple offers, sold according to their timeline, etc).

3. What strategies did you use to set them up for success (work backwards & walk people through it in your caption).

I teach what I truly believe in @modernagentsocialclub a brand that is YOU, conversations > content, strategy > fluff. 

Modern Agent Social Club is for the ambitious female real estate agent who craves an authentic approach to marketing and values relationships over cold leads. 

Those three things I mentioned above don’t align with that description so we don’t and won’t ever offer them. 

I’ll be honest MASC is not for every agent. If you’re looking for a copy and paste or 100% done for you approach, we aren’t for you and that’s okay! 

But if you’re looking to level up what you’re currently doing, willing to show up (and try some new things), seeking long term and consistent business, want a marketing plan you love (that includes using social media), and want a community to do it all with – WE ARE FOR YOU! Take the tour to see everything we have to offer you and your business.

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