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Meet Morgan Ross, one of our very own Modern Agents! 

Morgan is an agent in Knoxville, TN. When you get to her grid on Instagram, chances are she’s actually gone off the grid because she loves to spend her spare time in the mountains with her husband and rescue dogs. 

Morgan and I sat for an interview where we talked about her career in real estate, her experience with Modern Agent Social Club, and her social media tips and tricks! 

For more about Morgan, check out her feature over on Instagram or watch our interview

Here are a few questions from our interview!

MASC: What is the number one piece of advice you’d give to a new modern agent?

MR: Remember why you started. Keep true to yourself through this and don’t feel like you have to do something because another agent is! Being yourself will attract the business you want and you do not have to be everyone’s agent! 

MASC: Tell us about your social strategy in a nutshell – what does a typical week in social look like for you OR what strategy drives the most results?

MR: I am always on my stories! Some days are more than others but I usually take people along with me as I prep for the day and go from appointment to appointment! I have a lot of car chats and work from home, no make up, hair in a bun, chats! I share local business accounts I love and each time I have coffee with a local business owner/lender etc. I will go to a local coffee shop and shout them out! They often share my stuff and it’s so awesome! I don’t show up perfect by any means and usually have a crazy story about how I thought there was a killer in the closet at a showing or we ran into a pig in the backyard at a house. Funny stories! I am down to earth and welcoming to really try to be my goofy self at all times! My dogs show up in my stories more than me most days but a lot of my followers who have never even met me or my 4 rescue dogs know them by name and often have conversations about them in my DM’s! I usually post once or twice a week in my feed and utilize reels that relate to me or a fun spin on real estate tips! I have done live videos and longer form videos in the past but recently have cut them out because it was taking up too much time planning. Trying to simplify things! I may bring longer form videos back but showing up on stories and one to two posts a week has been a great routine for me. I post polls, question boxes and promote freebies often through those as well. Try to get people to my monthly email! 

MASC: What is a must have tool you use in your business?

MR: Trello! I absolutely love the organization it brings to my business and my life. Canva Pro is a close one as well with the easy Brand Kit feature that lets me customize my MASC content so quickly and keep it consistent! 

MASC: Number one tip to making social media less stressful?

MR: Simplicity! But this takes some trial and error. For me I couldn’t simplify without exploring what worked for me or what I liked to do on my social media. I am more of a fill my plate and then take off what isn’t working to simplify! With that being said, the consistency helps it not be as stressful. Continuing with what works, continuing to repeat my brand menu and showing my client experience over and over. I also “take off” on Saturday/Sunday on the strategy side and “working” on instagram. As you have said before it’s my netflix time on social media on the weekends, just enjoying it and not putting any pressure on myself! Sometimes I don’t post but that helps me be more focused during the week and not feel burnt out. I do try and take photos a lot on the weekends because I’m usually doing things in my brand menu! I’ll either post Monday or throughout the week/Month. 

MASC: Tell us something fun about you from your brand menu – what can we find in your feed beyond real estate!

MR: I love to hike local trails and camp!! My husband grew up camping but I didn’t start until I was a freshman in college. So when he and I met and I found out he camped often we started building our camping gear and going as much as we can! We go with his family twice a year to a campsite in North Eastern TN each spring and fall and it’s a whole family affair they’ve been doing for decades! We often do short day hikes in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee and sometimes will do short backpacking trips (still very new to me, but getting into it more!) We have trails that run through our neighborhood and a mountain ridge less than ten minutes down the road we hike at on a weekly basis if the weather is nice! Being on a trail in the woods is my recharging/happy place! For more from Morgan and I, click here to watch our full interview!

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