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Start looking at social media like a tool that can build relationships, create top of mind awareness, and ultimately increase your income – instead of treating it like the shiny object you’re making it. When you change your social media mindset, you change your income. Here’s how to start. 

Think of your account like a party you’re hosting rather than a billboard to talk about real estate. At a party, you wouldn’t just talk about real estate to every single person you come across! You WOULD engage in actual conversations, build connections, and find common ground. You SHOULD do the same thing on social media! Post on your stories, show your face, and share the things you love. It will invite conversations into your DM’s and people will get comfortable mingling at your own personal IG jamboree! 

Your career is content – embrace it and then leverage the crap out of it. HGTV called – you’re getting your own show. It’s right on Instagram. Did it ever occur to you that you are a content machine? You’re just not capturing it! Let me preface this by saying, I don’t expect or encourage you to document every. single. thing. you do every day. BUT, think of all of the showings, final walk throughs, closings, happy hours, afternoon walks, and weekend adventures. Everything you do has the potential to become content. Here’s what I suggest. 

Know your day and plan accordingly. Know your appointments and tasks for the day. Think ahead to what content you could capture. For example, I know I can hop on stories while I’m waiting in the Starbucks drive through, but there’s no way I’ll have time in between those two showings. 

Create goals that you can track and measure. I’m not just talking about, how many times per week to post. Do you want to increase your exposure? Stay top of mind with your database? Make new connections? All of these outcomes are possible if you’re willing to follow a strategy.

It’s time to think of social media like your own HGTV show! Infuse your personality and interests into your content! Start building authentic relationships and inviting people into your DM’s. 

Looking for more social media success? Check out my free training, The Secret Sauce – More conversations, stronger relationships + increased referrals. Click here to sign up for FREE. 

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