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10 ways to use our merch to stand out on social, always be on brand on the gram, strike up more convos IRL, and get your business noticed organically

1 – Make your fav tee your video uniform (also prevents overthinking what to wear when making reels)! Check out @pinksparrowsocial on Instagram to see her reels uniform – you can’t miss it! So make yours on brand to real estate!

*Even if your reel isn’t getting fully watched or the sound is off, you’re still popping up with that modern agent merch that reminds people you sell real estate!

2 – Wear it to your brand photoshoots! Dress it up with a blazer or down with some joggers and cute sneakers. Being yourself is professional so dress the way you actually dress in your photoshoots! 

*Will result in tons of on brand content to use on social 

3 – Bring your merch to a photoshoot (or open up your camera app) – You don’t always have to be wearing the merch to capture it on camera! Drape a t-shirt over the back of a chair that’s in front of keys and your laptop

4 – Your modern agent coffee mug is now your brand accessory – Stage it in the background of your IG stories. Do you share your morning coffee (capture the mug), hold it in a photo of you, set it next to other brand props like keys, your AirPods or your buyer folder. 

5 – Wear your favorite piece of merch in your IG stories 1/week! Maybe this is the day you decide to share a face to cam tip (ie: every Wednesday) or you snap a pic of yourself wearing it at your desk or in your car and then type out your to do list for the day. 

6 – Gift your new buyers “Love Where You Live” Tees and snap their picture in it on closing day! It doubles as a gift, a social post for you and a memory for everyone!

7 – Pack up everything you carry with you in a day in the Modern Agent tote bag and incorporate it in your Instagram stories. Hang it on the back of a chair, set it on your front passenger seat, grab flowers from the farmer’s market and plop them in the bag to take to your new listing photo day (document all of the above of course)!

8 – Wear your merch out IRL! If you highlight a local spot every week, put yourself in the pic from time to time and wear your merch. You will instantly connect your love of local to your love of real estate all in one photo (or reel)!

9 – Pair your merch with other pieces of your brand menu and on brand elements. This could be you holding a glass of wine (in your fav glass of course) while wearing your merch, a pic of you in your favorite t-shirt with your pup, a photo of you drinking out of a Chic-Fil-A cup in the car (selfie style), eating chocolate chip cookies in your merch, the options are truly ENDLESS! 

*If you need a refresher on Brand Menu and you’re a member of Modern Agent Social Club, check out Module 3 of Modern Agent Method for the spicy strategy!

10 – Start stockpiling photos you take that feature your merch and add them to an album titled “branding” in your camera roll. Whenever you need an on brand photo for stories, a reels cover, a carousel post, a photo to customize your masc content, you’ll be able to quickly grab it fro your branding album! Check out this IG post where we dive into all the essentials of your brand album.

*Could also upload these into Canva for easy content customization!

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