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Meet Kendal Burzacott, a Modern Agent since August 2021! 

Kendal is an agent in Des Moines, Iowa whose love for family, local happenings, and vibrant color shines throughout her IG profile!

I sat down *virtually* with Kendal and asked her questions about her career in real estate, her experience with Modern Agent Social Club, and her social media tips and tricks! 

For more about Kendal, check out her feature over on Instagram or watch our interview

Here’s a sneak peak, with a few questions from our interview: 

MASC: What is the number one piece of advice you’d give to a new modern agent?

KB: Take your time! There is so much content, strategies, training, etc at your fingertips it can be easy to want to do everything right away! Focus on what your goals are and the audience you are trying to serve and start implementing from there. Also, remind yourself that even though you might not get a lot “likes” or engagement that DOES NOT mean people aren’t seeing it! I cannot tell you how many times I have run into people in person that follow me on social and they have made comments on my content and how great, fun and helpful it is even though they rarely engage! 

MASC: Tell us about your social strategy in a nutshell – what does a typical week in social look like for you OR what strategy drives the most results?

KB: I try to keep my Instagram active with either a story, new post or new reel all the time. I really share a lot more personal and behind the scenes in my stories and try to post something once a week (whether it’s personal or real estate related). I really focus on Instagram to attract my ideal client so they can get to know me better. I found the local guides and engaging with local businesses really has driven some good results in the past for new followers, but being a 30 year old millennial I find that a lot of my sphere is still really active on Facebook and I get so much more engagement there! I don’t do a TON of real estate content on my personal facebook page, but I do copy a lot of the real estate content from Instagram to my business Facebook page and sometimes share that to my personal. I have been getting a lot more referrals lately and I find they are usually “liking” my Facebook page before they reach out to me, so I definitely like to keep it updated even if it’s not really getting a ton of reach. 

My goal the next few months is to get more consistent with planning out some of my content ahead of time, but right now I am very off the cuff and if the inspiration strikes I want to put something out there right now so if it’s real estate related I will take a look at the monthly menu or past months and try to find something that “feels right” for what I’m trying to convey and tweak it to fit my message! 

Also, I am really trying to focus on being more “real” and sharing random ‘day in the life’ content. I go through phases where I will put whatever out there and don’t care (which is usually when I get the most DMs) but then the next week I will have a mental block with it and have trouble putting something out there…something I am working on! 

MASC: What is a must have tool you use in your business?

KB: My brain works best when I have a checklist so Trello & Email Templates are so important to my business and client experience (shout out to Hustle Humbly for the inspo early in my career!)  

MASC has been a total game changer, like most members here I knew when I got into this business the old school lead gen tactics were NOT my jam and that they were literally soul sucking to me. Although I am at a fantastic and supportive brokerage I felt like I was on my own island with how I wanted to run my business. I’ve been a member since August 2021 and I feel like starting in 2022 I’ve started to find my stride with primarily focusing on Social Media and Client Experience/Referrals as my “lead gen” strategy! So this membership has become so important for my business not only for the content but for the community of like minded agents! 

MASC: Number one tip to making social media less stressful?

KB: Remind yourself that YOU are being way more critical of yourself than anyone else is. You don’t have to have a perfect feed, strategy or content, just like with everything else it will evolve over time and become more natural and comfortable, focus on a small action each day! 

MASC: Tell us something fun about you from your brand menu – what can we find in your feed beyond real estate!

KB: If you check out my instagram you will find photos of my spirited 2 year old, Ada Jade, quick & easy home project updates (usually just involves me painting something) or catch my stories which are usually pretty random day in the life snippets! Also, I recently turned 30 and feel like I am going through a major shift in my interests and lifestyle. Once Iowa decides that it’s actually spring I am going to be sharing a lot about my beginner gardening journey, sourdough bread making, getting my daughter outside as much as possible..basically my journey to a suburban homestead and focusing on living a little more “simply”.

For more from Kendal and I, click here to watch our full interview

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