Do you want to get people begging to hire you as their agent?

ENTER: The Mr. Beaumont Method 

First, a FRIENDS scene: Joey <unknowingly> bids 20K on a boat at a children’s charity auction. After trying to sell the boat to the second highest bidder (Mr. Beaumont) by painting the picture of what life on the boat will be like – Joey decides he wants it. 

Joey: “NO WAY! It’s mine! All that stuff you just said, I want that.”

Rachel: “But Joey you don’t have 20 thousand dollars.”

Joey: “Who cares I’ll make payments, whatever it takes! I want the Mr. Beaumont!”

So HOW do we use social media to get people to do *whatever it takes* to work with us?

How do we STOP thinking that we have to “convince” people to work with us and instead have them lining up, wanting whatever it is we have to offer – Mr. Beaumont style?

Come aboard while I break it down! 

Step 1: Get *intentional* about how you’re showing up.⁣⁣

Who are you trying to connect with? Who do you want to attract?⁣⁣

Hold up… Let me stop you mid thought real quick.. your answer cannot be “people looking to buy or sell.” NO NO NO!⁣⁣ For this to work, the relationships must come before the sales pitch. Always. ⁣⁣

So, who do you want to arrive at your feed and think: “YES, this girl is the bomb – she’s my people!” and click follow?⁣⁣

Step 2: BE BOLD about who you are and use social media to PAINT THE PICTURE of what it’s like to work with YOU.

What are you sharing (beyond real estate tips and graphics) that have people saying “ME TOO!”⁣ or that trigger their emotions?⁣

This requires showing up as you. Showing your face. Sharing YOUR hobbies and YOUR interests and YOUR stories. (PS: How can you relate this to step 1? What interests them that also interests you?)⁣⁣

Don’t overthink this. It can be as simple as your love of gummy worms and wine. Or why your first time buyer picked the house they did. Just get real!⁣⁣

Step 3: Pour up a spicy margarita and join the cocktail party⁣⁣

Go out and find your people! ⁣⁣No one ever got what they wanted sitting around, waiting for it to happen! Have conversations and make it happen!