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Have you ever wondered this?

-How is she getting so many views on her reels?! I need to do exactly what she’s doing!

-I love her grid aesthetic, no wonder she has so many likes. *copies and pastes brand colors into canva* (“maybe this will get my content more attention”)

-He always says the perfect thing on video, I wonder how he comes up with this? What editing apps does he use?

-All of her photos are perfectly edited, I need to find those presets!

-He has SO MANY followers. I just need to get there so I have some more credibility.

Here’s the problem, none of those “descriptions” have anything to do with actual RESULTS.

-They don’t tell you how many clients someone has

-How many homeowners they’ve helped

-How many people are on their email list for them to continually serve

-What number is in their bank account at the end of the year

-The number of closings they’ve had this month

Those are just shiny things that “look” successful. Are they actually successful? Who really knows. And who really cares.

What if instead of focusing on all of those things ^ we instead focused on the road right in front of us. Our VERY OWN social media road map.

What if we stopped trying to follow someone else’s directions to a completely unknown destination?

Let’s shift our focus from “HOW DID THEY DO THAT?” to “WHY DID THEY DO THAT?”

If your why doesn’t match their why, then you certainly don’t need their directions.

If your why isn’t tied to a tangible goal, social media sure can feel like a big, giant time suck of wasted efforts and energy in a hurry!

When is the last time you created a piece of content – maybe you spent hours coming up with the perfect post only to hear crickets, the reel you spent way too long on didn’t even get 100 views, insert your frustration….

You were left with THIS THOUGHT: “WHAT A WASTE OF TIME”. Kind of like when you do 8 open houses in one weekend and don’t meet any potential buyers – yeah, yuck. That’s a lot of hours wasted, isn’t it?

What if you didn’t have to WASTE TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ANYMORE?

What if you shifted your focus to your OWN WHY.

SO WHY ARE YOU USING SOCIAL MEDIA? If you don’t know, here are some pretty dang good example reasons that have zero to do with likes, views, followers or any other vanity metrics

A. To stay in front of your sphere & get more referrals

B. Expand your network

C. Build more relationships

D. Build your database (and get more eyeballs on your biz consistently)

E. Become the GO TO expert in your market

F. Increase your confidence

G. Become more approachable

H. Help people think differently about real estate agents

I. Help more people generate wealth through real estate

J. Educate the general public about all the misconceptions people have about real estate agents and the market

K. A combination of these

I know you’ve heard the old saying “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

If you don’t have a TANGIBLE goal for how you’re using social media, you’re likely spending a ton of time with very little return.

You’re crossing your fingers and hoping that post was creative enough to land you a new client.

You’re wishing more people would see your content and tell their friends to check you out when they hear they’re thinking of selling.

You pray that this social media thing works because you’re NOT going back to cold calling or open houses every weekend where you face major FOMO that your entire family is carving pumpkins and watching Hocus Pocus by the fire while you sit in empty houses.

Sooo.. I’m here to help you change your approach.

No more wishing

No more time wasting

No more trying to piece meal a plan together to get the same reel views as Sasha in the city next door

No more praying your grid looked as good as Mackenzie’s

No more hoping to someday have the confidence Steve has on video

Time to GET TO WORK! That means you need TWO THINGS

1 – A GOAL (one you can measure – they’re usually called “smart” goals but let’s call it a modern agent goal today)


NEXT, YOU NEED TO COMMIT TO THIS GOAL… Q4 is here! So how about committing for ALL of Q4?!

Click here to continue on to PART 2… A social media action plan you can customize for YOUR goals!

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